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Welcome the NEW Bellstone Marketplace Ordering Site!

In 2017, the Marketplace team started up this fundraiser for the Grade 7/8 year end trip.  In 2018, we continue the Marketplace program and are expanding with multiple vendors, extras AND ONLINE ORDERING.  This is a big step and we are excited to offer it to our membership!  We hope that you find it easy enough to use.  Changes will continue to take place to revise the program, making it easier yet. 

How does Marketplace work?  We list products, you order and pick up at the school on the date specified.  Payment can be made with cheque, cash or EMT.  Every time you order products from Bellstone Marketplace, a percentage of the order will be returned to the school through the TAG team.  You are given an opportunity on a monthly basis to purchase products using the Scrip Manager website and send the money in on the payment date. You decide what stores in what quantity you wish to buy.

Thank you to the creator of the Scrip Manager program.  He has been so helpful in working to create a program tweaked to Marketplace.  We have depended on his expertise to make this venture fly.  Thank you very much!  Your assistance and effort is greatly appreciated and a blessing in our community program here.

Thank you in advance for your participation, The Marketplace Crew